Teaching Study Skills = Learning Development?

All Learning Developers teach study skills, but not everyone who teaches study skills is a Learning Developer...? Or is a Learning Developer just another name for someone who teaches study skills? There's a rather tangled knot of terminology at the heart of my work that I think is well worth trying to tease out. Some … Continue reading Teaching Study Skills = Learning Development?

Towards a Signature Pedagogy of Learning Development

The notion of signature pedagogies was developed by Shulman (2006) when looking at  education in the professions. "These are types of teaching that organise the fundamental ways in which future practitioners are educated for their new professions. In these signature pedagogies, the novices are instructed in critical aspects of the three fundamental dimensions of professional … Continue reading Towards a Signature Pedagogy of Learning Development

How long does it take to develop learning?

Another question about the decisions involved in running a Learning Development service, and their implications for the profession - how long should a one to one session be? This one is a more controversial one, as I suspect one to one appointment times have shortened over the history of Learning Development as services have moved … Continue reading How long does it take to develop learning?

Confidentiality in Learning Development

Another of the big decisions to be made when running a Learning Development service - will your provision be confidential or not? The notion of confidentiality in Learning Development comes from its more student services origins, as it evolved out of counselling and Specific Learning Difficulties provision to support widening participation students and others perceived … Continue reading Confidentiality in Learning Development

My Conceptual Model for Learning Development

I was at ALDinHE's annual conference last week, and have been digesting all the rich, fascinating papers and conversations I encountered- material enough for several blog posts! One session in particular jumped out at me as something I wanted to work through more in a blog post. Rosie MacLachlan, from St George's, University of London, … Continue reading My Conceptual Model for Learning Development